Pork Roast ♦ Flæskesteg med svær
Duck ♦ And
Gravy ♦ Brun Sauce
Red Cabbage ♦ Rød Kål
Caramelized Potatoes ♦ Brunede Kartofler
Regular Potatoes ♦ Hvide Kartofler
Rice pudding ♦ Risalamande
Red and white wine include with dinner ♦ Rød og hvid vin
Coffee and Cookies ♦ Kaffe og småkager


$30 per person ♦Two drinks and wine included
$10 for children under 13 ♦ Soft drinks included


Cocktails (Two drinks included) ♦ 6:00pm
Welcome by Dan Kjeldbjerg ♦ 7:00pm - ?
Dinner (wine included)
Coffee and Risalamande
Drawing of Raffle Prizes
Folk Dancing by Mark Nussle
Dancing around the Christmas Tree
Arrival of Santa Claus
Gift Exchange
Socialize with fellow Danes